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Thursday, February 13

8:00am PST

8:30am PST

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10:00am PST

PRO SESSION: Supercharge Your Dev Experience with K8s DeveloperWeek PRO Stage B (Grand Ballroom)FILLINGSandosh Vasudevan • Aditi Garg PRO SESSION: Building the Plane as You Fly: Challenges a Startup Faces as They Pivot DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDGarett Madole PRO SESSION: Reactive Microservices With Rsocket DeveloperWeek PRO Stage E (Room 210 / 211)LIMITEDArsalan Farooq PRO SESSION: GraphQL & Caching DeveloperWeek PRO Stage A (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDRohit Basu PRO SESSION: Machine Learning Is Not the Software You Know DeveloperWeek PRO Stage D (Room 208)FILLINGEddie Vaisman OPEN TALK: Micro Frontends for Rapid SaaS Delivery with JavaScript and Github Actions OPEN Expo Discovery Stage (Exhibit Hall West)FILLINGMenelaos Kotsollaris OPEN TALK: Mobile DevOps, Why and How OPEN Expo Innovation Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDDamien Murphy ProductWorld PRO SESSION: The Ignored Voices in Product Design: Your Development Team ProductWorld Main Stage (Junior Ballroom)LIMITEDPeter Pezaris KEYNOTE: Twilio -- Save Weeks of Coding: The Strategy, Design and Functional Value of Engineering Blueprints DeveloperWeek Main Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDJ.R. Jasperson Speaker Office Hours - Neo4j - Amy Hodler Speaker Office Hours Rm 212FULLAmy Hodler Speaker Office Hours - TEKsystems - Carolina Belmonte Speaker Office Hours Rm 213FULLCarolina Belmonte OPEN TALK: A Dream Duo: How to Use Storybook & Open Source Project “Auto” to Ship Design Systems OPEN Workshop Stage 1 (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDRocio Montes • Adam Dierkens • Andrew Lisowski • Dominic Nguyen

10:30am PST

11:00am PST

11:30am PST

12:00pm PST

12:30pm PST

1:00pm PST

1:30pm PST

2:00pm PST

2:30pm PST

3:00pm PST

PRO SESSION: Hack-Proofing Your Kubernetes Clusters DeveloperWeek PRO Stage B (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDMurali Paluru • Prachi Damle PRO SESSION: From Coding to Managing: What I've Learned so Far DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C (Grand Ballroom)FILLINGIsrael Heringer PRO SESSION: Open-Core vs. Closed-Core Business Strategies DeveloperWeek PRO Stage E (Room 210 / 211)LIMITEDDan Shaw • Kyle Campbell • Michael Glukhovsky FEATURED TALK: Scaling Engineering: 3-5x Growth DeveloperWeek Main Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDCosmin Nicolaescu PRO SESSION: Web Delivery Experience for JS Based Native Applications DeveloperWeek PRO Stage A (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDElad Aviv • Elad Bezalel PRO SESSION: Maximizing Your Data Streaming Scale with Open Source Apache Kafka DeveloperWeek PRO Stage D (Room 208)LIMITEDZeke Dean OPEN TALK: Embracing Cloud: Moving OnPrem App to AWS Cloud in Just 6 Steps OPEN Expo Innovation Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDSubu Sankara OPEN TALK: How to Search Fast Using First Principles OPEN Expo Discovery Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDSteven Czerwinski ProductWorld PRO SESSION: How to Tell Powerful Product Stories That Rally Your Execs and Your Team to Action ProductWorld Main Stage (Junior Ballroom)LIMITEDBora "Max" Koknar Speaker Office Hours - Angular Training - Alain Chautard Speaker Office Hours Rm 213FULLAlain Chautard Speaker Office Hours - Hyperledger - Brian Behlendorf Speaker Office Hours Rm 212FILLINGBrian Behlendorf OPEN TALK: Security Policy: Is Yours Built for DevOps? OPEN Workshop Stage 1 (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDMatthew Rose OPEN TALK: Using Location Terms in Conversational UX OPEN Workshop Stage 2 (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDMichael Palermo

3:30pm PST

4:00pm PST

PRO SESSION: Supercharge Kubeflow Performance on GPU Clusters DeveloperWeek PRO Stage B (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDMeenakshi Kaushik • Neelima Mukiri PRO SESSION: Startup, Managing Growth in Complete Chaos and Finding Your Zen DeveloperWeek PRO Stage C (Grand Ballroom)LIMITEDSumit Kapoor PRO SESSION: Why the Dev Tools Market Is Designed to Confuse You DeveloperWeek PRO Stage E (Room 210 / 211)LIMITEDChris Riley FEATURED TALK: Shifting the Culture to Data-Driven Engineering DeveloperWeek Main Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDGreg Bell PRO SESSION: Progressive Web Apps Are the Future DeveloperWeek PRO Stage A (Grand Ballroom)FILLINGAlain Chautard PRO SESSION: In-Memory Computing Essentials for Software Engineers DeveloperWeek PRO Stage D (Room 208)FULLDenis Magda OPEN TALK: NoSQL Is Breathing New Life Into SQL OPEN Expo Innovation Stage (Exhibit Hall West)FILLINGMatthew Groves OPEN TALK: Resolving Software Instability With Next Generation Error Reporting OPEN Expo Discovery Stage (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDJason Davis ProductWorld PRO SESSION: Crossing the Chasm ProductWorld Main Stage (Junior Ballroom)LIMITEDTom Hogarty Speaker Office Hours - NEAR - Illia Polosukhin Speaker Office Hours Rm 212FILLINGIllia Polosukhin Speaker Office Hours - Rockset - Dhruba Borthakur Speaker Office Hours Rm 213FILLINGDhruba Borthakur OPEN TALK: Big Data Science Meetup Group - RDBMSNN: Relational Database Management System for Neural Networks OPEN Workshop Stage 1 (Exhibit Hall West)LIMITEDDr. Barak Krakauer • Dr. Shyam Sarkar

4:30pm PST

6:00pm PST


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